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Professional architectural services around Essex 

At JADC Studio, we understand that your home is your sanctuary, and we're here to help you make the most of it. Joshua, alongside a skilled network of professionals provides various home renovation services, from minor updates to complete home makeovers in Essex; Chelmsford, Brentwood, Hockley, Braintree, Halstead, Ongar, and Ipswich. Fill out our online form today and let us know how we can help you transform your home into your dream space.

Guidance throughout your project

Merging aesthetics with Conscious Design

A bespoke and personalised service

Your home renovation, expertly planned

We specialise in bespoke services, including extensions and interior remodelling, in Essex and beyond. Joshua, alongside his network of industry professionals, can help you through every stage of the planning process. From initial sketch design drawings to acquiring planning permission and understanding building regulations, we will work closely with you to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget. Choose JADC Studio for your next home renovation project and see the benefits of our collaborative working process, to ensure that we fulfil your vision with our architectural services. 

Pre-onboarding Consultation

The pre-onboarding consultation provides an excellent opportunity to discuss your aspirations with us in person at your property or through a convenient video call. During this discussion, we will address your specific requirements, budget, and timeline and assess whether we are the right designers for your project.

Computer Tablet Showing Finished Kitchen Sitting On House Plans With Pencil and Compass
Measurement tools and a pencil on top of architectural drawings in perspective

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is much like a fact-finding mission for your project. It aims to determine whether your project is a good idea. During this study, we will investigate cost, location, and design elements to ensure they all make sense. As a precursor to commencing your project, we typically conduct a hand-drawn measured survey. This step allows us to identify and address potential obstacles early on.

Sketch design drawings

Sketch design drawings are like the first sketches of our proposals for your project. They are an accessible and easy to understand initial outline of your project, showing the general layout and shape. Think of them as the initial blueprint or rough outline to get everyone on the same page before detailed plans are made.

Little Oaks architectural plan
Architectural plans in design studio

Planning Permission

Planning drawings are similar to maps of your home. They indicate where rooms, windows, doors, and other house parts should be placed. These drawings play a crucial role in obtaining planning permission for the project, ensuring that every aspect of the proposal complies with the planning policies in your area.

Kitchen renovation

Interior remodelling

Transform your home into your dream space with our bespoke interior remodelling service. From start to finish, Joshua alongside his specialists will work closely with you to create a unique design that perfectly matches your style and individual needs. We take care of everything, including building regulations approval and planning permission to make the project run as smoothly as possible.

Technical Design

Over the years, Joshua has developed a wealth of technical design experience. Many of our commissions have involved improving the technical strategy of a scheme to achieve the desired visual outcomes, promoting a balanced approach between buildability and beauty. To achieve this, we collaborate with specialist consultants, such as structural engineers, who are qualified to produce the necessary structural calculations often required to satisfy the requirements for building regulations approval.   

Architectural project close up


Are you looking to expand your living space by adding an extension to your home? Look no further than JADC Studio for all your renovation needs, and our quality architectural services. 

JADC Kitchen with green walls

Contact us, and let JADC Studio transform your home today!

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