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We are delighted to have obtained planning approval for a change of use from Retail (Use Class E(a)) to a 2-bed residential dwelling (Use Class C3) in Maldon, Essex.

The proposal

The proposed development was to change the use and convert the upper floors of a late 18th/ early 19th Century building to a dwellinghouse. 20 years prior to our application, there had been two similar attempts at gaining planning permission which had been refused.

There were a number of complex site constraints associated with the site, these were;

·         it was located within a conservation area

·         and on the edge of a newly formed Air Quality Management Area

In addition to these constraints there was considerable concern for the safety of accessing the building from a carriageway which flanked the site. JADC Studio noted this concern and sought to work with the client and the case officers to come to a suitable proposal that would be deemed acceptable and satisfy safety concerns.

Negotiating the challenges and achieving the goal:

Our client had a vested interest to enhance the beauty of the building and revive the spaces. Unfortunately, the upper floors had not been used for well over 10 years and were falling into disrepair. Due to the unusable nature of floors for retail it seemed appropriate to change the use, thus providing the opportunity for the spaces to be refurbished and maintained through occupancy.

JADC Studio was entrusted with the design and planning consultancy, and Joshua Ayettey's expertise in negotiation proved decisive, in understanding the parameters within which to operate. Ultimately, securing the crucial planning permission.

Key services offered were:

·         Collaborative work with the client to attain the desired outcome.

·         Promoting sustainability through the adaptive reuse of the historic structure

·         Preparation of design drawings essential for planning permission

·         A comprehensive loss of retail justification statement

·         A detailed design and access statement, addressing local and national planning guidelines.

In conclusion, we are delighted that the local authority has noted that JADC Studio have worked with the them in a positive and proactive manner based on seeking solutions to problems arising in relation to dealing with the planning application. Our proposal not only overcame hurdles but also provided a sensitive and appropriate solution, allowing future residents to relish the beauty of this remarkable building.

About us:

JADC Studio is led by Joshua Ayettey, an experienced architectural designer based in Essex, in collaboration with partners who are industry specialists in their field. 


We have a knowledge of architecture, construction, and design, and our personalised design and home renovation approach ensures clients receive a truly bespoke service tailored to their needs and budget. We believe great design should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. By working with us, you can rest assured that you will receive a personalised service that meets your specific needs and budget.

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